Polish “Family” Hospital Doing Abortions Sues Pro-Life Activists Exposing Them

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Natalie Dueholm

A few months ago, the management of a private Polish hospital threatened legal action against a pro-life midwife.  Recently, the representatives of the same medical facility have gone to court to sue two pro-life activists.

In February 2014, Agata Rejman, the midwife working at the Specialist Hospital Pro-Familia in Rzeszów, got a threatening letter after she publicly discussed abortions performed at the medical facility.  In the letter, hospital manager Radosław Skiba alleged that she had damaged the image and reputation of the clinic.  He demanded retraction of “false statements”, most importantly regarding “killing children”.  Skiba also demanded that she pay 50,000 złotych (approximately $17,000) for a children’s hospice.  Finally, the letter threatened legal action if Rejman refused to comply.

Now similar allegations have been leveled against Jacek Kotula, 48, and Przemysław Sycz, 35, pro-life activists from The Right to Life Foundation (Fundacja PRO- Prawo do życia: www.STOPABORCJI.PL ).  In April, the case against the two men began. . . [Full text]

One thought on “Polish “Family” Hospital Doing Abortions Sues Pro-Life Activists Exposing Them”

  1. What is of particular interest here is that the hospital is arguing that the activists must not be allowed to refer to abortion as “killing.” Since most people who object to abortion for reasons of conscience do so because the procedure involves the killing of human offspring in utero, to forbid them to use the term “killing” woujld make it impossible for them to explain the grounds for their objection.

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