Anti-vaccination group ‘encouraging parents to join fake church’ for religious loophole

An anti-vaccination group is reportedly encouraging parents to sign up to a fake church so they can bypass immunisation requirements for childcare.

Under a NSW government’s 2013 law and the Victorian government’s proposed law due to start next year, children who are not fully immunized cannot enroll in childcare.

But parents can get around these laws if they declare a conscientious objection on a Medicare form and have it signed by a GP, who first counsels them about the risks and benefits of immunisation, Fairfax Media reports. . . [Full text]


One thought on “Anti-vaccination group ‘encouraging parents to join fake church’ for religious loophole”

  1. The anti-vaccine group that is the subject of this story does not appear to have moral or religious objections to the use of vaccines. The kind of conduct and attitude described in the report is a transparently dishonest tactic that is likely to adversely affect the reputation of people who have sincere ethical or religious concerns about the use of particular vaccines.

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