Palliative care experts warn of ‘deeply flawed’ assisted dying Bill

‘There’s no proper oversight or scrutiny… this legislation could lead to a slippery slope’

The Irish Times

Sorcha Pollak, Jennifer O’Connell

Planned legislation before the Oireachtas which seeks to legalise assisted dying in Ireland is “deeply flawed” and leaves the population open to “significant risk”, consultants in palliative medicine have warned.

Last October, the Dáil voted to pass the Dying with Dignity Bill to committee stage by 81 to 71 votes after the three Government parties allowed a free vote on the legislation.

However, experts working in end-of-life care have expressed concern about the wording of the Bill, tabled by People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny . . .[Full text]

One thought on “Palliative care experts warn of ‘deeply flawed’ assisted dying Bill”

  1. The bill would legalize both practitioner assisted suicide and practitioner administered euthanasia.

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